Rules, Regulations and Registrations

Please read the Rules and Regulations by clicking on the links carefully before Registration.

1. Handle the books with great care. Fines will be levied for books lost or damaged. 2. Kindly see that kids do not exchange these books with their other friends or member friends. Some books have been lost like this. Books lost will be chargeable. 3. To discontinue membership please contact us on E mail [email protected] or drop a message on 9920957014

A fine will be charged against lost books depending on the cost of a book. Kindly report losses.

1. The subscription will be valid only if the member takes books often. No refund will be entertained.
2.The subscription will cease to exist after one year of non-attendance.
3. A new number will be allotted when visiting resumes.

1. Tot’s, Junior’s, Senior’s, Teen’s books - 15 days or earlier 2. Adult books – 1 month or earlier 3. Fines will be auto charged post the returning date, at the lending cost of the book per book per week of delay for all categories

1. A late fee will be charged for books returned after 15 days. It will be the lending cost of the book per book per week.
2. This has been started mainly to discipline children and take responsibility for their books and also to see that books are available for other children to read.
3. Adults will be charged the lending cost of the book per week per book of delay.